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Dr Luke Smith

Dr Luke has been a chiropractor since 2003.  He has a passion and thirst for knowledge about health, healing and chiropractic.  He enjoys working with people of all ages including infants, kids, adolescents and pregnant women.  Special interests:

  • Blair upper cervical chiropractic care
  • Gonstead chiropractic care
  • Functional medicine testing and health planning
  • Raising a healthy family
  • Nutrition (Dr Luke was lead formulator for practitioner only supplement brand Amplio)
  • Cervical spine structure, function and its role in health
  • Chiropractic research


Outside of work

Dr Luke is a very hands on dad and loves time with the family.  He coaches footy and cricket and can often be found swimming/snorkelling/body surfing and enjoying our amazing coastline.  Study of nutrition and travelling led to an interest in good food done well locally and seasonally, and when time permits he loves cooking.  He is also a one eyed Melbourne demons fan and was lucky enough to see their historic grand final win in Perth.